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It took us more than a decade to shape our lifestyle preschool concept. CHATEAU SCHOOL is a full-service lifestyle preschool open all year. School, club, academy, organic gastronomy, goods, events and parties in the heart of Tokyo.

CHATEAU SCHOOL refers to a “power house” where children collect inspiration and polish individual values and creativity. Founded in 2011, our iconic school brand grew by devoted families from art, fashion, music, entertainment, tech and became an institution for world-famous families of creative industries.

We are the first preschool in the world designing highly academic early education from 3 months to 6 years old in a beautiful environment while the worldwide preschools start from the age of 18 months, missing the most effective sensorial learning period.

Incorporating our exclusive ©️WORLD DIPLOMACY PROGRAM to discover more than 100 countries in 1 year, children check in at CHATEAU SCHOOL with their CHATEAU SCHOOL PASSPORT every morning and explore their individual values through the most diversified program at the earliest stages of life.

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